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Responding to Suicide


Voices of Hope’s Suicide Prevention program is designed to help empower our community to respond to the public health problem of suicide.


Goal: Reduce the impact of suicide by providing suicide prevention and intervention services through education, awareness and advocacy.

Suicide is a major public health problem in Montana. We have the highest rate of suicide in the nation. In the past 30 years, our rate has always been one of the highest 4 rates in the United States. Suicide is the second leading cause of mortality among Montana’s youth and young adults, second only to motor vehicle crash deaths as a cause of deaths among 15-19 years olds.


Programs Activities implemented to reduce the number of suicides throughout Cascade County:

Suicide Education: Voices of Hope offers community presentations for any community member or agency interested in educating themselves and other to help prevent suicide in our area. Educational presentations can be requested by contacting our office at 406-268-1330.


We offer Gatekeeper Training for any community member interested to help prepare crisis response plans for both the prevention of suicide and its aftermath.


We also offer QPR training and ASIST training.


Awareness Activities: We provide brochures, posters, informational packets and presentations to many audiences. We also promote Suicide Prevention Week activities and participate in the Walk Out of Darkness event during the month of September.


Suicide Hotline: 1-800-273-TALK is a 24-hour suicide hotline service to help those individuals and/or family and friends who are in crisis due relating to suicide thoughts or may have lost a loved one to suicide.


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